The Rule of 3

There’s something satisfying about the “Rule of three”. When you want to explain something it’s helpful to break it up into three steps or points because –

  • 1 – It gives you the time to set up a premise.
  • 2 – It gives you the space to build up anticipation without an abrupt halt.
  • And 3 – Of course you read this, because you wanted closure. And that’s what point 3 is supposed to do. Provide closure. Complete the picture. Descend from that proverbial peak of anticipation gracefully. This process is employed very well in many movies. E.g The Prestige.

Every magic trick did not Need to have three steps. It could have had 2 or 5 or 4 steps. But Nolan no doubt chose this trope because it’s satisfying.

It goes deeper. The Rule of 3 can be spotted even in ad Slogans and mottos –
– Olympics – Citius, Altius, Fortius
– Julius Caesar – I came, I saw, I conquered.
– And more locally – Horlicks- Taller, Stronger, Sharper.

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