Yes, the tree fell.

You’re standing on a podium delivering an impassioned talk. It’s got everything – the right content, the right delivery, heart – oh, Lots of heart. Everything is going right. Except the audience section. It’s empty. And you’re aware of this, but you still keep talking because….Well, because you’ve given dozens of talks to audiences before but that talk right there is making you feel…alive.

You continue. You deliver it to perfection. Then you smile at the end. A victorious smile to a non-existent crowd. But you cherish it because you’re happy.

You take a bow and you walk away backstage. The curtains close. The lights are out.

I did not mean for this to be a metaphoric narrative but I guess I could stretch it to writing for one’s own sake or singing or dancing or anything you do just because you want to.

Good day.

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