June 29 2021

I bought two books on Jun 27, using a Champaca gift voucher that was about to expire. I didn’t need the books, but it was …there. So I ordered “Ways of Seeing” by John Berger and “Digital Minimalism” by Cal Newport. Now, the latter, I was really looking forward to because it’s ongoing and eventual goal to successfully subscribe to and practice the “philosophies” of digital minimalism – a topic highly relevant today and definitely more so, tomorrow.

But “Ways of Seeing”…I bought as a result of subtle indirect marketing, I think.

They both arrived today and I found myself looking at them with a mixture of happiness and what-can-only-be-stated-as sourness.

Because I’m looking forward to re-reading Digital Minimalism multiple times in the future. But as I flipped through “Ways of Seeing”, I…it’s not quite what I expected, you know? It seems like a good book. But I think it will be a good book for someone else that is not …me <Sigh>.

Oh well. I now have a good pre-bought, unplanned gift to give away.

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