July 3 2021

The first weekend since I began this daily journal of sorts.

What I forgot to mention in yesterday’s log was that the night before, late-ish, I’d lugged the wooden study table I’d been using downstairs. I hoped to do it noiselessly. I was unsuccessful but to their credit, my neighbors, if they’d heard a table being dragged against granite and tiles every ten seconds, ignored it all. But I digress. The table that now occupied its old location in my bedroom upstairs was employed today to its fullest as I arranged on it meticulously all the items that had previously been located on the floor but had to be reaccommodated to allow for said table.

I did not go for a walk today. But I did finish the book I’d started two days ago – “Dumb Witness” by Agatha Christie. I wonder what I’ll start next. Maybe a non-fiction.

It was Day 2 of watering the plants. I think I’m starting to enjoy it. Maybe tomorrow I’ll start identifying them as well. Heh, look at me, getting ahead of myself.

All in all, another decent day.

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