July 4 2021

The day began with the watering of them terrace plants and flowers. I know I intended to find out the names today and have failed as expected. But now I know there’s a Hibiscus plant there, some curry leaves and one lemon plant. It’s definitely a lack of attention to detail as far flora is concerned. I’m able to appreciate the beauty en masse . It’s the individualities that is still posing some trouble. I will persevere.

The rest of the day was spent in this and that. I did however begin re-learning some Django today and I’m remembering how much fun it was the first time I was obsessed with it in 2019. Looking forward to working on what I have in mind.

Fun bit of Trivia I learnt today : The music that appears in a comedy scene in 2009 Tamil Movie “Siva Manasula Shakti” was a direct rip-off of Ashley Tisdale’s 2006 song intro – “So much for you”. Had quite the laugh when I realized.

I also made some more headway at what I’m supposed to be finishing for work. I should be done with a few more hours of work.

I Will wrap it up by tomorrow and move on to the next feature by Tuesday.

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