The Brandon Sanderson Checklist

Brandon Sanderson has been an absolute favorite of mine from when I first heard of him in 2018. This checklist tracks his books excluding his Graphic Novels and YA novels. I will add them to the list at some point.
How many have you read? Which ones are your favorites?

Summary :

– Currently reading , ✅ – Completed reading
Cosmere Books read : 7/11
Novellas read : 2/10
Legion Series Books read : 1/3

Cosmere novels

The Final Empire ✅
The Well of Ascension ✅
The Hero of Ages ✅

The Stormlight Archive
The Way of Kings ✅
Words of Radiance ✅
Oathbringer ★
Rhythm of War

Mistborn – Era 2
The Alloy of Law ✅
Shadows of Self ✅
The Bands of Mourning

Warbreaker ✅
The Hope of Elantris
The Emperor’s Soul ✅
The Eleventh Metal
Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell
Sixth of the Dusk
Allomancer Jak and the Pits of Eltania
Secret History
Arcanum Unbounded (Collection containing many of the above)

Legion series
Legion ✅
Legion: Skin Deep
Legion: Lies of the Beholder

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