Vikrammmm! (2022)

Last Saturday, I found myself free enough to accompany a couple of friends to watch Lokesh Kanagaraj & Kamal Hassan’s latest action-thriller and by now, a blockbuster – Vikram. While I wasn’t very active on social media to know much of the details around the movie (and not knowing particularly One of the details made it so much more enjoyable a watch for me). People had told me one thing though – that Kaithi, also directed by Lokesh had something to do with Vikram, so it was fortuitous that I had only watched it recently and the details were still fresh in my mind.

So, at 6 PM on Saturday, I reached Urvashi theater and took my seat to face an already dancing Kamal Hassan in his “Patthala Patthala” song. The movie took a few minutes to start making sense for me and it’s only when Fahad Faasil appeared on screen that things really began to take shape. FF and his group of government-appointed-nameless-spies were to unveil the identities of a masked group of “terrorists”. FF’s character has had a history of successful operations to his name and that’s why his team was chosen for this job as well. And we soon see why. The action scenes are brilliantly shot with nothing being thrown in for mere effect or generously. The details that you will see flying all over the internet now are woven beautifully through the movie and some of them you only spot retrospectively. The movie was brilliant for multiple reasons, not the least of which was Anirudh’s music in all his songs – the Vikram theme, the “Once upon a time, there was a Ghost” song and pretty much throughout the movie. This is a man who knows his craft inside and out.

Towards the 70% mark, there are some characters important to the overall plot are given a few minutes of importance but those minutes are worth a lot of importance and the audience roared for all the right reasons.

Apart from the mini-special characters, there were multiple film stars – Kamal, Vijay Sethupathi, Arjun Das, FaFa etc in the movie but all of them get just the right amount of screen space. And that brings me to what I thankfully didn’t know because of my absence of attentiveness on social media – the identity of the druglord whose name is uttered multiple times in the movie but is revealed only towards the end – Who is the infamous Rolex?

One of the last scenes is also how you understand the relevance of Kaithi to Vikam.

Overall time well spent. I wish I could say this of Beast as well. But I can’t.

Vikram movie Rating – 4.9/5.0

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