It is Crazy, the times we live in.

I, in the comfort of my home, in my pajamas, ordered today a bag of fries because I was too busy to walk up to my kitchen, wash some potatoes, peel them, slice them, add a little bit of oil and chaat masala and toss it in the air fryer that sits In that kitchen.

It arrived in 19 minutes. It ARRIVED in 19 minutes from the time I ordered it. That is so much faster than if I’d gone to the place, ordered it myself, waited for the order and then picked it up and came back home to eat it.

You might say, well, “That’s logical. The time you saved was in the fact that the restaurant received an order the same way you’d have done the first two steps you listed out in the manual way. They probably have a queue that processes these online orders and the only thing they need to do is wait for a person to come pick up said order.”. Yes, this is very logical. I should not be surprised by this.

And yet, I am. I’m glad for it. But I’m also a little miffed at how easy this is.

I mean, if I’d actually had to Do the work to get the fries, I might not have done it at all. Saved myself the calories.

There are multiple rabbit holes I can go down here. Supply chain, the effect of fast food on the human body and the way a little friction in doing something can likely prevent you from doing it altogether.

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