“Reduce the scope, but stick to the schedule”

I’ve been trying to develop certain habits for the longest time. One of them is better consistency in writing. On this website alone, this is my 86th post, but I’ve had the site for a little less than 6 years now. And for the last few years, every now and then I’ve had streaks of 1-article-per-month. But at that rate, it’s not quite a habit.

Today I was listening to this podcast interaction between Tim Ferriss and the author of Atomic Habits, James Clear and while most of the content was familiar to me the way non-fiction dialogue is, this quote – “Reduce the scope, but stick to the schedule” struck me as extremely effective in conveying that which has been said a million other ways before – “Progress over perfection”, “Don’t break the chain” etc.

While the quote doesn’t require explanation, in the interest of extending this article and exercising the Wodehousian bean, what James Clear is conveying is simply that – If you intend to do something everyday, regardless of how Much of it you’re able to do, do it. Even if it’s for a reduced duration, over fewer iterations, lesser number of words, a smaller canvas – any lowest form of the comparative per the activity you want to perform.

So if for me that’s writing / publishing a tech/non-tech article, I should simply pick a smaller topic to write on I suppose.



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