Aug 05, 2021

There’s this thing I need to get done by August 22. A person whose inputs I’ve come to really value said I need to get the first cut by Aug 06 if I’m to realistically get the final cut by 22nd, so that gives me just a day to go.

Where I am in the process- I’m still being a little clandestine about the whole thing, so I am going to publicly talk about it in code. Maybe as a recipe for something to be baked or cooked.

So if I think of it as stages for the entire task to get done, there’s

a) Deciding the overall ingredients
b) Deciding which ingredients need to go where i.e. which ones need to be processed first and which ones follow and so on.
c) Outlining the recipe itself
d) Preparing the dish
e) And serve.

I’ve completed (a) and I’m just about done with (b) – an hour’s work should sort it. Which gives me around 40 hours to get done with (c) and (d). (e) isn’t applicable till a week later atleast.

This is good. Outlining it all down is giving me some clarity, even if it isn’t in the most explicit terms.

Alright. Game on.

Update – This did not work out the way I planned. Stashed for later implementation.

July 14 2021

Didn’t work much today. Did some stuff that was pending at home though. Had tea at an administrative office. Got extremely drenched after probably more than a year.

Oh and also started watching “The Indian Detective” starring Russel Peters late today. I’m on episode 2. It’s a cringe-y, cliched-jokes-filled piece of mindless production so far. But then again…it did make me get to episode 2 at least. The “detective”-ness is still very much in the making but Russel Peters is alright. Anupam Kher is bearable and somehow they picked all the worst Hindi speakers to speak Hindi while shooting in Bombay. Good stuff guys…

God…Is this what hate-watching is?

July 12 2021

Started learning about the Supply Chain domain today. It’s pretty interesting. I’ve worked on Time series data in the past, but to see this play out in a logistics domain is extremely fun. The thing that stuck with me the most was the realization of how complex something as trivial-seeming as an order fulfilment at McDonald’s can be – right from procurement of raw materials, all the way down to me getting my fries 5 minutes after I’ve ordered it. The course is called “Time Series Forecasting Using R” and I’m looking forward to learning more.

I also heard the soon-to-be-ex-COO of Swiggy speak about trends in the food-tech space, a podcast from 2018 but somehow seems relevant even today.

July 5 2021

Today, I’m experimenting with a new way of logging.

An incremental account as opposed to a summarized one at the end of the day.

Morning log – The plants did not require watering today as it rained heavily last night for quite a while. Breakfast procured, tea prepared and work has begun at an honest, early hour. A good, hopefully productive 2 hours to go before I am interrupted by other humans….unless I indulge in distracting myself before that. I also began reading my 5th Agatha Christie novel today – Poirot Investigates – Short stories involving the duo – Hastings’ and Poirot’s cases. The similarities between them and Watson and Sherlock of the Conan Doyle persuasion isn’t lost on me. But of course, this subject of comparisons has been of interest for decades to bloggers and literature students across the world. One read I found particularly interesting as I looked up the internet to support my immediately preceding comment was this – .I must read up more on ACD’s “occultist” practices. But perhaps, that’s an activity for a later time. Off to work now.

July 4 2021

The day began with the watering of them terrace plants and flowers. I know I intended to find out the names today and have failed as expected. But now I know there’s a Hibiscus plant there, some curry leaves and one lemon plant. It’s definitely a lack of attention to detail as far flora is concerned. I’m able to appreciate the beauty en masse . It’s the individualities that is still posing some trouble. I will persevere.

The rest of the day was spent in this and that. I did however begin re-learning some Django today and I’m remembering how much fun it was the first time I was obsessed with it in 2019. Looking forward to working on what I have in mind.

Fun bit of Trivia I learnt today : The music that appears in a comedy scene in 2009 Tamil Movie “Siva Manasula Shakti” was a direct rip-off of Ashley Tisdale’s 2006 song intro – “So much for you”. Had quite the laugh when I realized.

I also made some more headway at what I’m supposed to be finishing for work. I should be done with a few more hours of work.

I Will wrap it up by tomorrow and move on to the next feature by Tuesday.

July 3 2021

The first weekend since I began this daily journal of sorts.

What I forgot to mention in yesterday’s log was that the night before, late-ish, I’d lugged the wooden study table I’d been using downstairs. I hoped to do it noiselessly. I was unsuccessful but to their credit, my neighbors, if they’d heard a table being dragged against granite and tiles every ten seconds, ignored it all. But I digress. The table that now occupied its old location in my bedroom upstairs was employed today to its fullest as I arranged on it meticulously all the items that had previously been located on the floor but had to be reaccommodated to allow for said table.

I did not go for a walk today. But I did finish the book I’d started two days ago – “Dumb Witness” by Agatha Christie. I wonder what I’ll start next. Maybe a non-fiction.

It was Day 2 of watering the plants. I think I’m starting to enjoy it. Maybe tomorrow I’ll start identifying them as well. Heh, look at me, getting ahead of myself.

All in all, another decent day.

July 2 2021

I tried to work today but I didn’t really succeed in the attempt. I did a little but not as much as I would have liked. I think the amount of work over the preceding two days had taken quite the toll on “the old noggin”, as Wodehouse would put it. Anyway, before long I found myself at the latter half of the 16th hour of the day and went on my daily walk, today in the little park in RBI Layout. Also scheduled at that hour was a “bookish” discussion between two people organized by some-other-people that I’d signed up for. The rest of us who were not these 2 gents were to be spectators with some minimal butting in allowed. I joined a few minutes late and for a little while felt quite like an alien from a different planet being dropped in the middle of a war with no equipment and no intimation of who the two sides fighting are and for what purpose. I gathered over the course of one circuit of the park that one of them was talking about a book that changed his life and the book had something to say about the power of the mind to fix the ailing body or some sort and the other guy had a sort of vicious vehement way about him, straightaway pooh-pooh-ing the whole notion. Now I must mention that both these chaps were very familiar with each other and their shared history was the reason they were chosen as the people to discuss today. It turned out to be a decent enough discussion to listen to on a 45 minute evening walk, but it did end up with me left in serious doubt if I would much enjoy interacting with either of them if I had to at some point.

Not much of substance happened otherwise.

All in all, another decent day.

July 1 2021

I continued listening to Cabin Pressure today and completed it. Not much of an accomplishment since there were only 12 episodes of 28 minutes each. It’s a testament to how good of a show it was that I was listening to Episode 6, Season 2 and I remember feeling bummed out a little when I realised it was the last episode on the playlist, with the third season not yet in sight.

It was also Day 2 of the 2-day-Office-training and it was even better than Day 1. The breakout room that I was a part of during the hands-on session was extremely lively and made for a good teaching and hopefully learning experience overall.

The highlight of the day (and not everyday is required to have one. Nothing I love more than normalcy) was that I finally went to Lalbagh for my evening walk after months. Well…it’s only been 2 months since I last visited it under very pleasant circumstances, but it Has been TWO months.

It was an extremely enjoyable walk and for a while, I quite forgot the passage of time and that I had a training session to get to.

But then I remembered and rushed to the exit. But not before I chanced by this cool looking fellow –

I also started reading Dumb Witness by Agatha Christie.

All in all, another decent day.

June 30 2021

Today I heard about this delightfully hilarious BBC Radio Sitcom called “Cabin Pressure” voice-starring  Stephanie Cole, Roger Allam, Benedict Cumberbatch and  John Finnemore. Every episode is titled a place on the map indicating where they, the chartered plane and its staff, are or are flying to for that episode and the short but funny misadventures they end up having.

I only started listening to it because of Benedict Cumberbatch, but I found myself most drawn to the character Roger Allam plays – Douglas Richardson, First Office at the MJN Air. I shouldn’t really have been surprised at how a radio show made me laugh so much, because I do love a good dialogue and witty banter and this show is full of those. But I was pleasantly surprised at the frequency with which this continued to get me going. I remember there was a point on my evening walk when I was grinning broadly as I walked along the rather short circuit in RBI Layout’s park and it suddenly struck me that the reason no one was staring at me for what I can only assume must be a very goofy grin is because we’re all in a pandemic and are wearing masks that save us the embarassment of revealing our satisfied expressions that we cannot explain to everyone on a walk.

I do hope you will listen to it. It’s available on every Podcast platform.

What else happened today? Ah yes, it was day 1 of a 2-day-training we’re conducting at my workplace. The hands-on exercise is where I was required to assist and I was pretty happy with how it turned out.

Good day.

June 29 2021

I bought two books on Jun 27, using a Champaca gift voucher that was about to expire. I didn’t need the books, but it was …there. So I ordered “Ways of Seeing” by John Berger and “Digital Minimalism” by Cal Newport. Now, the latter, I was really looking forward to because it’s ongoing and eventual goal to successfully subscribe to and practice the “philosophies” of digital minimalism – a topic highly relevant today and definitely more so, tomorrow.

But “Ways of Seeing”…I bought as a result of subtle indirect marketing, I think.

They both arrived today and I found myself looking at them with a mixture of happiness and what-can-only-be-stated-as sourness.

Because I’m looking forward to re-reading Digital Minimalism multiple times in the future. But as I flipped through “Ways of Seeing”, I…it’s not quite what I expected, you know? It seems like a good book. But I think it will be a good book for someone else that is not …me <Sigh>.

Oh well. I now have a good pre-bought, unplanned gift to give away.